Club Rules and Code of Conduct

Members are required to observe the following rules to assist with the proper running of the Club.

(Updated November 2022)

Members are required to uphold the prestige of the Club at all times and to observe the rules of etiquette as laid down by the respective associations to which the Club is affiliated.

Members are expected to adhere to the following dress code: For all formal club events (opening and closing of the green, finals day, presentation day, club competition matches, league matches, friendly matches, and other inter-club competitions), members should wear flat soled shoes (no heel) or preferably bowling shoes, grey trousers/ skirts and a club shirt or white shirt, and if necessary, a white warm or rainproof outer layer. Finalists on finals day should wear white shirts and white trousers/skirts Casual clothing may be worn for Tuesday, Thursday, and other casual roll-ups, and for coaching sessions, but flat-soled shoes must be worn on the green at all times. When playing indoors members should not wear their outdoor shoes on the mats.

Any member selected to play in a match and not able to do so should notify the Team Captain as early as possible. Only the team Captain or a person with his/her express authority may alter the team sheets. Members selected to play in a match who arrive later than 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the match, or who do not turn up, without giving prior notice or having exceptional circumstances, shall be liable to suspension for the next two matches.

The Rules for club competitions shall be formulated by the Committee. The trophies are the property of the Club and shall be returned prior to or on Finals Day

The Captain/Greenkeeper’s decision shall be final as to the fitness of the green for play. To protect the green, mats shall be used when playing on the green. Club members are encouraged to use their own woods. All woods used in inter-club matches shall have club stickers on them. Club woods may be borrowed with the permission of a committee member. They shall be signed out in the equipment book and returned immediately after use. Club keys may be purchased from the Treasurer. Members shall be responsible for taking care of them and they shall not be passed on to anyone else.